Connecting with your hairdresser

Having a connection with your hairdresser is an integral part of achieving your perfect look. If you don’t feel confident that you’re on the same page and you can’t put trust in the person who is doing your hair it’s never going to work.

My best work is always done when my client puts complete trust in my skills and opinion. While I never just do whatever I want with whomever’s hair I want, I do express my opinion strongly and honestly when working with my clients. When they express theirs back with confidence I know we’re going to get it right. Communication is key in a stylist-client relationship.

If you’re having trouble getting your hair right at the salon don’t be afraid to try harder and get your message across to your hairdresser. Get as much information out of them as you can. Bringing photos to your appointment is extremely helpful for your hairdresser. Half the time the problem is that we aren’t really sure we know what we want. If you have lots of photos from magazines or wherever, your hairdresser can at least get an idea of what you sense of style is and recommend something that works best for you. When you get on the same page then let go. Put your trust in them. It’s always going to get the best results.

If your confidence in that hairdresser still isn’t there after all this, its time to move on and find a new one. Like in all relationships, you just can’t force a connection.

Neither you, nor any hairdresser wants you to leave the salon unhappy.

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