Losing Hair? Don’t Stress!

On average we lose 100 strands of hair a day. This is relative to how much hair you already have. For example, if you have thicker hair, you’ll lose more, if your hair is fine, you’ll lose less. Pretty straight forward. At the end of each follicle’s life cycle it will sit loosely in your scalp until it’s moved about enough to finally fall out so if you only wash or comb your hair once or twice a week then more hair will come out at once.

If you’re finding that you’re losing more than usual there could be a few reasons why.

Change of season, diet or medication can all cause you to lose more hair. It can be hormonal so of you’re going through body changes or if you’re a woman who has recently given birth you will lose a lot of hair in most cases. Then there’s the hereditary reasons and if thats the case for you then seek a Trichologist (a doctor who specialises in hair and scalp) to see if there are any solutions for your particular problem. Same goes for conditions such as alopecia.
If you’re still losing hair and can’t relate back to any of the above reasons then here is the last and most common reason for hair loss. Stress. Long and short term stress and anxiety can and most likely will cause you to lose a lot of hair and you’ll notice when you calm your nerves for a long period of time there will be a lot of short hair growing at once from your roots. This looks dreadful and makes styling your hair that much harder. So avoid it before its too late.
Relax! Breath long and deep. Meditate or let that stress out whatever way works best for you. You’ll thank yourself with thick healthy hair.

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